Around the World Music Video

by Angela Efros on January 6, 2016

With everything that goes on in the world, this is a good reminder we are all human. Different peoples and beliefs are amazing! Mark Forti jams with incredible musicians around the world in this beautiful music video.  This video is part of his ten year documentary project in which he has interviewed people from all over the world including the Dalai Lama, Catholic Cardinals, Hindu monks, terrorists, homeless, tribe leaders, etc.

Mark Forti is a toy inventor by trade, creating fun and inventive toys for kids of all ages.  He is also an author, artist, videographer, and musician.  He began inventing unique flying toys that stumped some of his professors.  One of his inventions, Air Swimmers were featured on television by David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jeopardy, Jimmy Fallon, and Dancing with the Stars.  The product won the 2012 Gift of the Year Award.

I was offered a chance to help with the video.  I was so excited to be part of an amazing project with Mark.  I learned a lot from the experience of the other videographers (Chris Kunzelman, Dan Lundmark, and Mark Forti) and was super excited to have some of my shots included in the video. I was also able to use my experience with singers and dancers in China to coordinate performers for some shots. It was incredible to be a part of a project that connected people from so many cultures and walks of life.

Mark Forti picture from videoThis video brings musicians of different styles, with different instruments together to play one song of peace and love. For someone who loves traveling as much as I do, the mix of cultures is just fascinating. But it is so much more than that. This video shows that in a way we are all the same, but we are all so different. It is our differences that make us beautiful. There are amazing people with beautiful cultures where the streets have no name.

Angela Efros

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