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BlogTalk Radio Interview on Get Real! with Mark and Kally – An American Living in China. Angela is a brilliant person. She is just as comfortable diving into chemistry or physics as she is singing and performing on stage. She was debating between majoring in physics, math, business, or theater. She was raised her to have fun and school was part of that and all the sciences and math were just as fun as theater. After being urged her to find a job or an opportunity somewhere to figure out what she wanted to do finish a degree in. Next, she announced that she is going to China for 6 months to teach English. That was 4 years ago.

Since moving to China, Angela has become fluent in Mandarin and shares some of her secrets of learning this difficult language with us. She is in a masters program for Chinese Travel and Tourism at a Chinese university. She performs all over China and has even been on Chinese TV several times. Angela has met some incredible people, learned a whole new culture, and is having a grand adventure.
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Angela was interviewed on the Get Real! with Mark and Kally The Yellow Personality to explore what it is like to be a yellow personality and how to relate to the yellow people in your life.  She is a Core Yellow personality with no strong secondary color.   The Color Code is an amazing system that looks at what a persons key motivation. In todays show we’ll be looking at the yellows which are motivated by fun. Many people get frustrated with the yellows in their lives as they appear unfocused and superficial. Truth is, we need the yellows in our lives and society to lighten things up and cheer us on.  Angela is a great example of the yellows.

Kally and Mark are Certified Expert Color Code Trainers and have raised 2 yellow children. We’ll help you get real and get to heart of understanding the yellows unique personality. If you want to listen to the episode on the Color Code, you can catch it here.   If you want to know more about the Color or to get a link for your FREE assessment click here.

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