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Changsha, Hunan, China has a food specialty item called ‘Stinky Tofu’. Most foriegners wont even try. This is a funny video and song writen by a foriegner about how much he loves Stinky Tofu, featuring Angela.

This is a video of Angela performing a famous Chinese song called
The Most Amazing National

That is a rough translation from the Chinese name.


Angela in the China Bridge Competition

China hosts an international competition to find the best Mandarin Chinese speakers called the China Bridge, sponsored by the Confucius Institute. It is well-known in the cultural and educational exchanges worldwide. Angela represented her university in the competition and made it to the finals in 2013. She traveled to CCTV Headquarters in Beijing with contestants from all over the world.

Angela is performing a Beijing Opera style piece for the competition. She spent several months learning about the complicated movements and facial expression associated with Traditional Chinese Opera. However, the most difficult part of the song is called shuochang, which translates to ‘speak-sing’. You might think of it like a traditional Chinese rap. Even for native Chinese speakers, it is very difficult to memorize and perform this type of piece. A very large group of her “English Students” and class mates followed her to the regional competition in very loud support.

Angela won the 2014 Foreigners in Hunan Singing Competition

Video of Angela doing a medley of songs by  Jolin Tsai, a famous Taiwanese pop-star.  In 2011, Angela opened for the Hainan Island Golden Music Festival where Jolin and several other Chinese celebrities performed.

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