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In 2010, Angela moved to Hunan, China to teach English. She is a much sought after tutor and teacher. She has a very distinct teaching style and gets her students involved in learning and living English. She has made them American pancakes while making use the English words to talk about their breakfast. Once she had them watch an American love story movie and then had them act out a break up scene in English. She gets them singing in English and works with their pronunciation.

Here she is with 50 of her students singing and wishing her father Happy Birthday for his 50th birthday.

teaching 1

Teaching English Classes in China

teaching 2


I believe that immersion is a very important part of learning a language. At one school that I’ve taught at we have a rule: No Speaking Chinese! If someone speaks Chinese, they pay a fine. This rule also applies to me, so one day when a student heard me speaking Chinese in a “no Chinese Zone”, I had to pay 10 RMB as punishment for breaking the rule.

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Helberth November 24, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Angela, I liked a lot of know you. I´m trying learn English and you is a big inspiration for me. Good Lucky!!!


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